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Many of the skills necessary for daily interaction and for succeeding in the classroom are language-based. A problem in the processing, understanding or production of language can result in learning difficulties that affect academic as well as social performance.  If your answer to one or more of the following questions is 'Yes', then your child may have a language difficulty that requires intervention:


  • Does your child need questions and instructions to be repeated more than once?

  • Does your child have difficulty following more than one simple instruction at a time?

  • Does the class teacher report that your child has difficulty learning new words and concepts?

  • When your child tells you about an experience at school do you have difficulty following his/her message because it is vague and disorganized?

  • Does your child struggle to find specific words to express what he/she wants to say?

  • Does your child have difficulty responding  appropriately when talking to friends?

  • Does your child object to reading at home?

  • Does your child have difficulty writing sentences or stories for homework?


If you are unsure about your child’s speech and language abilities and how they are affecting his/ her academic and social performance, feel free to contact me for an initial consultation at no charge.

Contact Me

Teachers and parents of children with a suspected speech or language delay may contact me, Judith Turiel, for an initial consultation at no charge.  Call me at: .

+44 20 3372 4436

Or click here to provide your details and I'll get back to you.

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